Ultrasonic Scaling, Katy

One of the most important roles filled by your dentist is to remove dangerous plaque and build-up on your teeth. One of the most efficient options available in Katy is ultrasonic scaling. Scaling is the process of removing plaque that has adhered to teeth and can be causing damage. It’s part of periodontal therapy, which are treatments to keep teeth healthy and prevent gum disease.

How Does Ultrasonic Scaling Work?

Power scaling tools use high vibrational energy to remove plaque deposits on the surface of teeth. In addition, they can use shockwaves to disrupt bacterial growth, irrigation to flush periodontal pockets and refresh teeth, and turbulence to eliminate biofilms.

Although a trained dental professional is needed to properly use this technique, Kingsland Family Dental confidently provides this effective alternative to manual cleaning.

The Advantages of Power Scaling

Although manual scaling is still effective, ultrasonic scaling provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Deeper cleaning, especially of deposits more than 4mm
  • More effective at removing biofilm within pockets and from root surfaces
  • Engineered tips can reach difficult areas to reach and small nooks that can store plaque
  • Easier on tooth surface, which is especially important for those requiring frequent cleanings
  • Requires less time to complete than manual cleaning
  • Smaller tips require minimal pressure, making cleaning more comfortable for patients

Using ultrasonic scaling, especially in conjunction with manually cleaning, is generally regarded to be the most effective method for non-surgical periodontal therapy. This process can be very effective in treating teeth, removing films that can continue to damage teeth, and promote healing

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