Dental Insurance, Katy TX

At Kingsland Family Dental, we understand the difficulty of matching your dental insurance with your service. However, we work closely with a number of dental insurance carriers for Katy patients, to make our top quality Katy dental services available to a wide range of patients.

Dental Insurance Agencies We Network With

The dental insurance agencies we network with are some of the most renowned and well known across the country. Many of these agencies offer comprehensive dental insurance that can cover your entire family.

Our accepted dental insurance companies include:

  • Aetna Dental Insurance
  • Cigna Dental Insurance
  • Delta Dental Insurance
  • Guardian Dental Insurance
  • Humana Dental Insurance
  • Lincoln Financial Dental Insurance
  • Metlife Dental Insurance
  • United Health Care Dental Insurance

Kingsland Family Dental Accepts All PPO Plans

While we are not in network with all dental insurance companies, we do accept all PPO plans. You can rest easy knowing that your PPO plan will be accepted at Kingsland Family Dental.

What is a PPO plan?

PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization, is a health plan similar to an HMO, which covers a nearly unlimited amount of health care services in exchange for a monthly premium. In addition, PPO insurance plans normally include an annual deductible which represents the amount you must pay out-of-pocket before medical coverage applies.

Know Our Dental Insurance Plans

We may change or add insurance agencies that we are in network with from time-to-time, so always be sure to reach out to us ahead of time to be certain that your visit is covered. You should contact us to learn more about what dental insurances we accept, or if there are any changes to the above list. We want to ensure you spend as little time as possible focusing on dental insurance, so we can give you amazing dental care.