Dental Bone Grafting, Katy TX

It’s normal to feel self conscious, worried, and even lost when something as precious as your teeth may need to undergo a major procedure. Even though dental bone grafting in Katy may sound scary, we can assure you that dental grafting is a common and regular procedure. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure to replace missing bone with material from a patient's own body, which is known as autogenous bone graft. However, natural and synthetic bone graft substitutes are also used. This procedure is performed with the aim of stimulating new bone formation in the body.

Why You May Need Dental Bone Grafting

If the bone beneath your gum proves too short, not wide enough, or both, there’s a good chance you may need dental bone grafting. Here’s a a few others reason why dental bone grafting may be right for you:

  • Lost teeth from periodontal disease
  • Suffering from multiple or complex fractures in the mouth area
  • Excessive plaque decay that results in tooth damage

No fear, our offices in Katy TX will make sure if you need this treatment or not. We will screen your mouth to ensure a swift and deliberate diagnosis while you’re here, and determine exactly what needs to be done.

Benefits of Dental Grafting With Us in Katy TX

While other dentists may require you find an oral surgeon instead of having the dental bone graft done in their offices, Kingsland Family Dental guarantees your procedure can be done in our office. WIth 25 years of practice in Katy, our practice has developed a web of professionals to aid us in procedures such as bone grafting, including skilled anesthesiologists to make your visit safe and comfortable. Dr. Artaza holds over 31 years of experience in dental procedures, and his devotion to dentistry drives him to continually improve his skills all in the name of his craft. With his extensive knowledge in implantology and restorative dentistry in Katy, you can rest assured that your dental grafting procedures are in good hands.

If you're interested in learning more about dental bone grafts, contact us. If you're interested in making an appointment, feel free to request an appointment online to save you some time. Kingsland Family Dental will provide the care you want for all of your dental needs.

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