CareCredit Dentist, Katy

What happens when it's time for your six month dental check up, or if you're having a dental emergency, but you don't have dental insurance? You can turn to Kingsland Family Dental for a dentist in Katy who accepts a form of payment called CareCredit, a line of credit specifically designed to cover your health care costs.

How Does CareCredit Work?

CareCredit is essentially a credit card that offers low monthly payment options, no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties, and special financing every time you use it. This means if you have a pesky cavity or even if it's time to have your teeth examined, you can do so without worrying about paying the entirety of the cost of your appointment. Depending on the payment plan that you set up with them, the cost of the procedure is put on to your CareCredit account, and you pay it off in monthly installments, exactly how your would a credit card.

What Does CareCredit Cover?

CareCredit covers both cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. This means if you'd like a set of veneers crafted by our CEREC machine--a top of the line technology that creates durable, color-matched restorations--it will be affordable through the help of CareCredit. Or, if you're in need of a remedial procedure like a root canal, CareCredit will certainly cushion the price if of that procedure as well.

One of the best aspects of CareCredit is that it financially aids ALL healthcare services from vision to hearing, even veterinary services! There's no need to wait for a life changing procedure when you've signed up with CareCredit to help out with the costs.

Why CareCredit?

At Kingsland Family Dental, we want you to have options when financing your dental work. We know balancing the family finances can be difficult if a toothache pops up without warning. By having the option of using CareCredit, your family can stay in good oral health without you having to worry about being insured or having to pay up-front costs the day of your appointment. To learn more about CareCredit, call Kingsland Family Dental at (281) 492-1985 or schedule an appointment today!

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